My ‘TL’ Story (Part 3): Inspiration To Start Teaching In The Target Language

For the first 8 years of my foreign language teaching career, I used more L1 than L2.  My classroom was entertaining, but students were not able to achieve long term retention of the language.

Things changed after I went to ACTFL’s national convention in 2012.  My new supervisor, Dr. JoAnne Negrín (from Borderless Learning), encouraged her teachers to attend.  It was a wonderful conference that inspired me to rethink my foreign language teaching strategies.  I decided to try reaching for the 90%+ target language use goal.  When I got home from the convention, I sat down to think how I could make this work in my classroom.

I made adjustments to…

  • …my classroom management techniques.
  • …my instructional materials.
  • …and slight adjustments to my assessment methods.

I initially expected…

  • …gradual success.
  • …a long period of adjustment for students.
  • …complaints from students.

The transition to 90+% target language use was a lot easier than I thought!  I was surprised by the successful results!

Are you considering a transition to using more of the target language in your classroom?  How do you imagine your students would respond?  Leave comments below:

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