Professional Development

Interested in having Señor Howard present to your teachers/colleagues online? …in your city?

Available presentation topics include:

  • Designing “90+% TL Use” unit/lesson plans.
  • How to make L2 content meaningful and understandable to novice L2 learners.
  • Managing the “90+% Target Language Classroom.”
  • Motivating students to stay in the target language.
  • Training novice learners NOT freak out when instruction is delivered in the target language.
  • How to get started with teaching in the target language.
  • Teacher evaluation and improvement. (Sr. Howard observes 2-3 hours of a teacher’s lessons and provides 1-on-1 coaching and written feedback.)
  • Integrating technology into the “90+% Target Language Classroom.”
  • Leveraging technology and social media for professional growth.

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One thought on “Professional Development

  1. Where are you located and where do you teach? I’ve browsed around your blog and it is fantastic. Going to be a huge help for our new Chinese Middle School teachers this year. We would love to invite you to come to our school. We are one of the few school districts in PA, Southern Lehigh in Center Valley, PA that offers a Spanish Immersion program.
    I couldn’t find your email address, so I tweeted you asking about a parent letter outlining expectations for kicking off the school year in a 90%L2 environment. Any chance you would be willing to share it? I’m thinking it’s going to resemble a Behavior Contract signed by parents and children to minimize the tears the first week and parent phone calls to the principal!


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