Todd & A Series On CI (Part 7) – Forms Of Input: Constructed Situational Input

Wow. I’ve been waiting to write this post for a long time. I get to write about my favorite “staying-in-the-target-language” instructional strategy. I’ll start the post by telling three stories to illustrate how I use what I’m calling “Constructed Situational … Continue reading

Todd & A Series On CI – (Part 3): Why Aren’t They Getting This? – Input: Multiple Forms & ICI

With students who are not used to being immersed in a L2 environment…: …there are times that I sense the need to use MORE gestures and facial expressions and use FEWER L2 words, phrases and sentences. When I’m starting to get too many … Continue reading

Todd & A Series On CI (Part 2) – Why Do I “Use Fewer Words?” …Input Has Quantitative Qualities

“Use fewer words.” “Train yourself and your class to feel comfortable with silence.” “Generally, if something I’m about to say in the target language is not going to be PAIRED with another MEANINGFUL form of input, it’s not worth saying.” “Try … Continue reading

Top 10 Lists…

To commemorate 100 posts published on Tuesday’s Tips For Staying In The Target Language, here are some Top 10 (and 15) Lists. In other news, I’ll be taking some time off from publishing these posts every Tuesday. Click here if … Continue reading