Instructional Coaching

Señor Howard has limited spaces available for online instructional coaching/mentoring.

  • Meet with Señor Howard online via Google Hangouts or FaceTime.
  • Coaching topics can include:
    • Designing “90+% TL Use” unit/lesson plans.
    • How to make L2 content meaningful to novice L2 learners.
    • Managing the “90+% Target Language Classroom.”
    • Motivating students to stay in the target language.
    • Training novice learners NOT freak out when instruction is delivered in the target language.
    • How to get started with teaching in the target language.
    • Teacher evaluation and improvement. (Requires mentee to submit 2 videos of him/herself teaching his/her students.)
    • “Help! I’m overwhelmed!”
    • Integrating technology into the “90+% Target Language Classroom.”
    • Leveraging technology and social media for professional growth.
  • Options include meeting individually or in groups of up to 4 people (using Google Hangouts).

Note: There are no instructional coaching/mentoring slots available for 2017.

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