Quick Pics Tip: How To Mention “Happy New Year!” With Novice L2 Learners

Here’s a quick tip on how to use L2 to mention the new year with novice learners.

Write or post this on the board:

Picture of 2015

After the students give you a weird look and shake their heads, “NO” (because they’ve just returned to school after all of their “Happy 2016” celebrations at home) write the L2 for the following on the board:

It's not 2015

Have the students say, “Mr./Ms. …it’s not 2015!” (using the Two Hand Method if you need to).

Add the L2 word for “December…”


…and, after they role their eyes and react, add the verb.

It's not December

Let the students repeat the L2 sentences out loud.

Add the following, using a gesture to *PAIR something meaningful with the L2 word for ‘crazy.’

You are crazy

Have fun letting the students call you crazy.

Then bring it all together by adding the following a piece at a time:

2016It's 2016Happy New YearAt this point, it might be a good idea to show the students a short video clip of some native L2 speakers celebrating the new year.

Happy New Year from Sr. Howard and Tuesday’s Tips For Staying In The Target Language!

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*Disclaimer: This term is my own and I’m using it for the purpose of reflecting on my own foreign language teaching practice.  The reader should not assume that it’s the term found in formal, academic writing.

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