My Favorite Activity For Interpersonal Mode (With Links To Handouts)

Over the last several weeks we’ve discussed How To Make The Interpersonal Mode As Easy As Possible For Novice Learners (Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Two Hands Technique For CI)

I’m excited, now, to share my favorite interpresonal mode activity with links to handouts that you can reproduce (or modify and reproduce if you teach a language other than Spanish).  I call it the:

Info Search Activity

Benefits of the Info Search Activity:

  • Use this activity for all levels of L2 proficiency. (Even novice learners!)
  • The activity can be adapted to help students practice conversing about a wide variety of topics.  (Consider using it at least once during every unit!)
  • All students are engaged.  (Students must talk, listen, read and write in the target language.)
  • All students get to walk around the room.  (No more bored students at their desks!)
  • There’s no excuse to use L1.
  • After the directions are given, there is little need for teacher involvement or supervision.  Teacher can use the time to circulate throughout the room participating or assessing student performance with a rubric.
Get your foreign language students talking with this great interpersonal mode activity!

Get your foreign language students talking with this great interpersonal mode activity!

How does the Info Search Activity work?

Click here for an video/visual explanation of how the activity works.

How to fascilitate the Info Search Activity:

1-  Pass out the directions worksheet (click here to view the Spanish version.  Feel free to translate this into other languages and reproduce for your students.)

2-  On the directions worksheet, students fill out their fake name and any other information you want them to exchange with other students. (i.e. how they feel, their birth date, their favorite food…etc.)

3-  Pass out the data collection sheet (or have it printed on the back side of the directions sheet).  (click here for Spanish version.)

4-  Students walk around the room with their data collection sheet asking each other target language questions in order to complete it..

Helpful tips for giving instructions (in the target language) for this activity:

1-  Fill out the directions worksheet together.  It’s helpful to project a copy of the worksheet on a SMART board to help students know what to fill out.

2-  Model and explain each step.  Circulate throughout the room, after every step of the instructions, to ensure that every student has filled out the directions form correctly.

3-  Write the target conversation on the board and have it printed on their data collection sheet.  This helps students know exactly what they are supposed to say in order to obtain data from their peers.

4-  With all students watching you, model how to collect data.  Pick a confident student.  Ask the student the target questions and record the data onto the SMARTboard copy of the data collection sheet.

5-  After students have watched you use the target language and record the data, pick a confident student to model the steps for recording data.  (Repeat this step with different students until you’re sure that each student knows what to do.)

6-  Practice the target conversation chorally as a class using the Two Hand Method.

7-  Instruct students to stand up and start using the target language to collect data and record it on their sheet.

8-  Circulate throughout the room to help confused students and/or to assess student performance on a rubric.

Remember, you can use this interpersonal mode activity for every unit!  Just change the content of the directions sheet so students can have a fun, engaging way to practice having L2 conversations.

For tips on managing student behavior during this activity click here.

What are other ways you get your students talking in the target language.  Feel free to post your comments below.

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