Do’s and Don’ts for Handouts in the 90+% TL Classroom

This post contains a link to a handout that Sr. Howard uses in his 90+% TL classroom.

It seems to be programmed into our foreign language teacher heads: we MUST give vocabulary lists to our students.  However, teachers that hand out lists of L2 vocabulary mostly end up providing L1 translations for the words.

Students need lists.  They need reference sheets.  I’m not saying that you should never hand out any paperwork.  But when you do:

Try to avoid writing down vocabulary in the target language on your handouts.

In fact, it may be helpful not to include ANY words on your handouts.  Use pictures instead.  Your handouts should have lots of pictures with corresponding blank spaces that students have to fill in once they decipher the meaning of new L2 words.  Make the students write down vocabulary in the target language.  Don’t write it for them.

Try making your handouts look like this.

Señor Howard – – @HolaSrHoward

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