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Señor Howard… (contact me)

  • Elementary Spanish Teacher since 2004
  • Staying in the Target Language Since January 2013 (Why did I start?)
  • Twitter: @HolaSrHoward
  • New Jersey Foreign Language Teacher Of The Year: 2017
  • NECTFL Teacher Of The Year (Northeast region of the USA): 2017
  • National Finalist – ACTFL Teacher of the Year – 2018
  • Not a researcher…just a practitioner reflecting on his own practice. Please note: The ideas/examples/strategies/methods that I share are meant to make this blog practical.  I DON’T share my ideas to suggest that these are the ONLY ways to teach in the target language.  As I wrote in one of my “Teaching Grammar” posts:

    “Don’t feel limited to what is written (in these posts).  Let these simple ideas launch you into developing more creative, more thoughtful, and more effective ideas (that you can use in your own classroom).”

My passions include:

  • Language learning doesn’t need to feel like visiting the dentist. Instead of being a menial and tedious process for teachers and students, it can be explosively dynamic; enriching lives and improving our world.
  • In their quest for professional improvement, no foreign language teacher should feel the pressure to bend their personality (or have to become like somebody else) in order to achieve a level of professional excellence.
  • Each foreign language educator is valuable. They’re the ones who know their students best. They are uniquely equipped to discern the most effective ways to engage their diverse students on a language learning journey.
  • Because language learners’ needs and situations are vastly diverse, there’s no single, best way to teach a foreign language.
  • Many L2 instructors feel that teaching in the target language is complex and overwhelming. My message is that it doesn’t have to be. I’m joining many educators from around the world in developing some reproducible tips and strategies that are helping educators. (See the impact.)
  • Many children are growing up in broken homes without experiences of love or nurture. Some have little, or no, access to anything meaningful and excellent. Let’s be the best educators we can be! Who knows? Maybe the inspiration they experience in our classrooms will be the only access to excellence they ever get.
  • At least in my region of the nation, it’s clear that more and more teachers are struggling with students who “just don’t listen.” I’m currently developing practical strategies (to eventually publish) for adults who desperately need to know how to engage meaningfully with youth and help kids follow directions.



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