Top 10 Lists…

To commemorate 100 posts published on Tuesday’s Tips For Staying In The Target Language, here are some Top 10 (and 15) Lists. In other news, I’ll be taking some time off from publishing these posts every Tuesday. Click here if … Continue reading

Bad Oatmeal & A Simple, Short Explanation Of How To Stay In The Target Language With Novice Students

My 3-year-old didn’t know how to say, “DIS-gusting,” so she said, “Daddy, this is EX-gusting!” My recipe must have been a failure because, before she even took a bite, she was telling me the food was gross. “C’mon!” I thought. … Continue reading

Language To Language OR Language To Living

I was silently YELLING at my students in my head. “We’ve been over this a thousand times!” “They are the simplest of L2 questions.  I know they’re novice students, but…C’MON!!!  How can they NOT know how to respond to “How are you?” … Continue reading

Q/A: What To Do During The First Week Of Class and When To Use L1

Here’s a great question about L2 use in the foreign language classroom from a middle school German teacher: Hello Señor Howard, I’ve been teaching middle school German for 10 years, but I don’t like the amount of L1 I have … Continue reading

Management Strategies for the 90+% TL Classroom – Ensure That You Are Pairing (Part 1)

A teacher’s chances of winning the behavior management battle, in a 90+% TL classroom, soar when she excels at pairing incomprehensible L2 input equivalent  and comprehensible extralinguistic forms of input.  Student tendency to engage in off-task behavior increases when he/she … Continue reading