Technology To Help You Teach In The Target Language: EDpuzzle

If you don’t use it yet, YOU SHOULD! It’s that good and it can help you stay in the target language with your students.

EDpuzzle: “The easiest way to engage your students with videos.”


Here’s how you can use it in your language classroom.

  • Find a video using EDpuzzle’s search engine that gives you access to videos from many different video streaming services. Pick something fun, relevant and that’s at an appropriate linguistic level.
  • A powerful and easy-to-use tool allows you to trim it down so students are only watching the section/portion you want them to see.
  • Make it interactive by adding your own questions/annotations for your students to answer. You can even add your own voice to the video.
  • Automatically collect assessment data based on student responses to true/false, multiple choice and/or open-ended questions.

Learn how easy and helpful it is by clicking here.


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2 thoughts on “Technology To Help You Teach In The Target Language: EDpuzzle

  1. Thank you for sharing this! Many teachers in my district are utilizing this and one will share this at our in-house district tech conference this week, very timely. I am interested to know if others also use tools like EduCanon or Zaption and what they like the best specifically for interpretive listening in World Languages? I’d also be interested in knowing if it is possible (in a simple way) to trim YouTube videos on both ends, not just in one place? Thank you!

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