Top 10 Teaching In The Target Language Tweets From @HolaSrHoward

10 of my favorite “teaching in the target language tips” in 140 characters or less.
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A rule of thumb in my classroom: if something I say won’t be comprehensible, it’s not worth saying.

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grammar approach: give Ss MEANINGFUL EXPERIENCES in which target grammar structures are used often enough 2b noticed and acquired.

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  Jan 8

Ss in a class shouldn’t think “this L2 word means this L1 word” Instead “In this L2 situation, this L2 phrase is used”

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21 May 2014

Ts who stay in the TL don’t need ‘near-native-speaker’ skills as much as they need ‘making-input-comprehensible’ skills.

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Make a philosophical distinction between an ‘L2 immersion environment’ and a ‘COMPREHENSIBLE L2 immersion environment.’

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  Mar 12

I’m realizing that the rich feelings/emotions that L2 words represent get easily lost when Ss learn L2 in an L1 environment.

  10 Jun 2014

Half the battle (in the 90+%TL ) will be won if input is comprehensible.

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L2input becomes comprehensible when a S finds meaning in the L2(linguistic)input apart from the aid/crutch of extralinguistic cues

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  Aug 19

Ts force themselves to translate L2 into L1 when they include lists of TL vocab on their handouts. Try this instead

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If L2 immersion feels like wandering in a dark room, explicit and comprehensible performance objectives is like handing your Ss a flashlight

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