Video Recording: 5th Graders Learning “To Be” Verb Conjugations In The Target Language

This post contains a video recording of Señor Howard teaching in the target language.

Teaching Grammar In The Target Language Teaching Grammar In The Target Language

The students were exposed to so much L2 grammar!  AND it was fun.  Check out the video recording by clicking here.

I used…:

…(and a few other tricks) to help my 5th grade students find meaning in incomprehensible L2.

I *paired comprehensible (and meaningful) extralinguistic input with incomprehensible L2 input to help students take steps towards acquiring bits of the TL.

To help them respond in the target language I used the Two Hand Method and wrote scripts for them on the board.

*Disclaimer: These terms are my own and I’m using them for the purpose of reflecting on my own foreign language teaching practice.  The reader should not assume that these are the terms found in formal, academic writing.

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Señor Howard

Señor Howard – – @HolaSrHoward

Caleb Howard – – @calhwrd

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