“Thank you so much for posting your practical, concrete, doable and VALUABLE ideas for how to teach in the target language. You provide the detail that is so important in helping to understand how it can be done! Your blog is a national treasure and I will tell teachers near and far about it!! Sending admiration and gratitude!”

-Dr. Helena Curtain – Author – Presenter – Curriculum Specialist

“Super blog on teaching in the target language.  Very practical.  We need more like this. #mfltwitterati #langchat

-Steve Smith – – England

“Gotta tell you that you inspired me! Am now running Year 8 and 9 classes in 100% Italian except for the last 3-5 mins! Thanks!  …and not only that, but have managed to inspire the other 7 people in my faculty! Xlnt results,kids focused,& enjoying it!:)”

-Angela Benedetti – Italian Teacher – Australia

“Honestly one of the best blog posts I’ve read this year. @HolaSrHoward nails it every time he posts. #inspiration”

-Mme Farabaugh – French Teacher – Ohio

“Señor Howard not only shows how it should be done but also that it IS possible to teach solely in Spanish. This is the way!”

-Speekee – Spanish For Kids

“Intro’d new vocabulary in #TL90plus thanks to @holasrhoward and LOVED seeing students get it right away #immersion #progress”  @HolaSrHoward and #TL90PLUS are my inspiration!

-Maestra Schemmer – Spanish Teacher

“What I really like is that he enthusiastically gets into the nitty-gritty of lesson planning, demonstrating how you can have a practical “comprehensible input” approach, whilst keeping a close eye on grammar.  It’s the detailed descriptions of lessons using this approach which make the blog unusual. It may seem surprising, but I come across relatively few blogs of this type. There should be more of them.” (Read more here.)

-Steve Smith – – England

“Just wanted to tell you as a long-time follower, that this is the best post yet. I just love it! You have made a powerful argument that is both logical and emotional.  THANK YOU!”

-Thomas Sauer – – KY

“I tried this yesterday and it worked very well. Students cleary understood the task and quicky understood what they had to do.”

-Bu Cathy – Indonesian Teacher – Australia

“Your response is, as always brilliant Caleb. Thank-you so much for your correspondence. It’s great to have someone to discuss this with, who understands the rigours of language teaching.  You’re an inspiration.”

Maxine Reed – Spanish Teacher – England

@HolaSrHoward I think our twittersphere was in need of an expert focused on facilitating 90% TL! Thanks for #TL90plus

-Laura Sexton – #LangChat Moderator – – North Carolina

“Like your #TL90plus hashtag…hadn’t seen that before.”

-Noah Geisel – 2013 ACTFL Teacher of the Year